Producer - 0427 028 524

Having grown up immersed in media & art, Darcy has been creating his own content - and ravenously consuming a variety of other people's - from a very early age.
Inspired from working with highly skilled creatives - Darcy temperament naturally leads him towards the role of a Producer. He enjoys facilitating the production process and motivating his crew to make the best content they can.
Darcy is currently completing a Bachelor of Film & Television (Honours), and has been running Very Nice Productions, as well as producing all its content for several years.



Director - 0420 356 728

Alex Hodge is a writer/director with a deep interest in human psychology and the ways in which we connect.
Alex’s passion lies in directing short films, which he has done to great success. Alongside narrative filmmaking, Alex is inspired by the ever-evolving music video culture which proves time and time again to be a heavily evocative medium. Very Nice Productions has a foundation in music video creation, which has been fuelled by Alex’s passion.
Lastly, Alex is heavily involved in corporate videography - with multiple years’ experience working in advertising/ social media videography, his expertise will ensure that your message is delivered effectively.